Virus Removal


Clean up your computer that has been infected by virus and malware.

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If your computer is behaving erratically, it may be infected with viruses and malware.

Do not panic – most of the times, the virus can be removed. What is important is that you do not run any more unfamiliar programs on it – best to leave it alone until help gets to you!

We can help clean up your computer and set up anti-virus software to prevent future re-occurrences.

We highly recommend that you purchase an Antivirus subscription along side this service.

Scope of Service

⊕ Antivirus check on one computer.

⊕ Perform full clean-up of virus and malware

⊕ Repair operating system if required

⊕ Install and setup anti-virus programs (Free versions only – Paid subscriptions extra)


⊗ Does not include data backup or transfer.

⊗ Does not include data recovery services.

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Service Type

Post In, Drop Off


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